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News for nerds

I had my first letter to the Guardian published on 24 March 2016 and I have had a total of eight printed, most recently on 16 October 2020. As Guardian readers seem to be in a competitive mood at present (Letters, 11 June), I’d be interested to see who is the oldest person to have had a letter published so far. I will be 94 on 8 November 2021.
Joan Carter
Torrington, Devon

Bernard Shaw, who died at the age of 94, was reported to have said he had reached his great age because he had never taken any exercise (Letters, 15 June). At 96, I can say the same for myself.
Ralph Blumenau

Not only is the elbow bump unnatural and ungainly (Jilted Johnson: Biden in beeline for Macron and Carrie at G7, 11 June), it is also a breach of social distancing; the mouths and noses of elbow bumpers are separated by less than a metre. How much more dignified and effective is the Indian greeting of namaste.
Philip Stewart

If Emma Beddington wants to give up dairy milk but thinks that tea without milk is unpleasant (I’ve been trying milk substitutes in my tea – it’s a stomach-churning experience, 15 June), can I suggest she drinks black tea, but of good quality and a bit weaker. Stewed cheap tea can be unpleasant without milk but there are so many other options: Earl Grey, Darjeeling, lapsang, Turkish black tea…
Rebecca Linton

Re “dad pants” (Letters, 15 June), I’m a dad and I don’t wear pants, except under my trousers.
David Hamer